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We just love gin.

Ginjams Gin is produced on the picturesque south coast of the United Kingdom, and exemplifies the finesse of small-batch distillation.Its carefully selected botanicals create a distinct flavour profile that reflects our dedication to yumminess.

Ginjams Gin

Ginjams Gin features a vibrant blend of lemon zest, lemon peel, mint, and juniper, resulting in a refreshing and zesty profile.

Perfectly paired with light tonic, raspberries, and a sprig of mint, it provides a crisp and invigorating experience with each sip.


Ginjams Cocktail Box

Introducing our Ginjams Cocktail Gift Box, a delightful collection of premium gin, fresh lemon juice, a variety of gourmet jams, and other fun surprises to enhance your cocktail experience.


    Absolutely yum. You can really taste the citrus and the mint gives a subtle and unique flavour. Thanks Ginjams!

    - Sam | July 2024

  • "So Zesty & Minty!"

    I love this gin. I bought it for my mum and when she invited me over I had some and omg! I put some strawberries in with tonic and it was so refreshing!

    - Louise | June 2024

  • Martina

    I bought a bottle for my friend and one for me. It smells so good with lot's of lemon and mint :) A bonus with delivery being free and quick.

    - Martina | June 2024

Our Promise to you.

Are all of our botanicals (ingredients) that go into our gins fresh?

Yes. Everything that goes into our Ginjams Gins are freshly picked and we use no alternatives or powder/syrup forms.

Where is our Ginjams Gin produced?

We have teamed up with a distillery in Devon, UK whom are top of their game in distilling gins. We worked very closely with them to refine our own gin recipes and make sure that each one is incredibly tasty.

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes. No more to say!

Are we looking to bring out any new flavours of Ginjams Gin?

Yep. We are slogging away behind the scenes on some secret new recipes which should be out later on in the year. What this (gin) space!